Your projects are unique. Your approach, international. Your issues, major. Your concern is to increase your presence and your competitiveness on both national and international markets. Your time is valuable and you want timely access to international markets in your target clientele’s language. You can do it. We are absolutely committed to make sure of it.

Our range of diversified services, our distinctive language combinations, our custom golden rules of timeliness, cost, efficiency and reliability and our intrinsic values for quality are major attributes, which you can take advantage of according to your particular needs and requirements.

At all times, you can benefit from our Service of Distinction, which is personalized, close to the customer, and greatly advocating receptiveness, and close and retroactive attention regarding your various needs.

Your individual needs require an individual response, which is coherent, dynamic and reliable. Your singular projects should be dealt with in a singular manner, thoroughly and meticulously.

Proud of our unique processing method and of our production resources’ control process, we are in a position to deal with your requests in the best possible deadlines and to specifically assign a project manager to assist you throughout the mandate fulfillment. Each project manager carefully and actively listens to your multiple needs and effectively responds to modifications occurring during the project currently under way. Therefore, you benefit at all times of our 100% warranty in terms of quality and project management.

Each step of the production process is no longer a secret to you. Your active involvement allows you to follow the execution of your mandate and our flexibility guarantees you incomparable results.

Therefore, our commitment to you goes far beyond words: surpass your expectations and serve you. Serve you differently!

Our areas of expertise

Our extensive range of services was designed to meet your needs and requirements. Accessing world markets has never been easier! Line Translations guarantees you a high quality service provision in many specialized fields:

  • Marketing
  • Media & Communication
  • International Trade
  • Multimedia
  • Education
  • Computer science
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Biocosmetics
  • Environment
  • Technical data
  • Agricultural
  • Others

Our languages

Line Translations set up a portfolio of diversified services that are best suited to your needs, requirements and deadlines, as well as your expectations and your budget.

  • English-French
  • French-English
  • English-Spanish
  • French-Spanish
  • German-French
  • French-German
  • English-German
  • English-Italian
  • French-Italian
  • Others
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