The layout of your text is done and only requires an adequate proofreading. No typographical error visible to the naked eye must appear on your various corporate or technical documents. Did you know that inadequate editing can result in complicated proofreading process while requiring many hours of proofreading?

All corrections made must be checked, one after another, by comparing the original proof to the new one, either by the proofreader or by the client himself. The new corrections are proofreaded a second time and so on until the final proof which must of high quality.

Our proofreaders are working on two supports: 1) a hardcopy on which are written their corrections in red, commonly know as "proof" or 2) a PDF file on which are written their corrections that the graphic artist will use in his or her file. Whichever support is used, our proofreaders meticulously examine:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors as well as typographical errors;
  • Uppercase letters, numbers, abbreviations, symbols, accents on uppercase letters, etc.;
  • Missing sequences (from word to paragraph);
  • Repeated sequences or misplaced sequences (from word to paragraph);
  • Paragraph indentations;
  • Splits: word separation and word division;
  • Subdivision titles, running title and folios;
  • Various sections;
  • Changes in fonts;
  • Changes in typefaces (italics and bold), as well as raised characters;
  • Changes in font size;
  • Shape of apostrophes, quotation marks, dashes and ligatures;
  • Alignments :
    • flushes left and right,
    • line spacing,
    • indentions,
    • provisional margins;
  • Widows, orphans, rivers, etc.;
  • Double spaces: between words and around punctuation marks;
  • Huge spacing between words;
  • Tables, charts, figures, legends;
  • Citations, epigraphs, equations and mathematical formulas;
  • General pattern.

Backed by our longstanding experience in proofreading, our experienced and qualified proofreaders will pool their technical skills for achieving your various proofreading and comparative proofreading projects in order to standardize all texts in different languages.