You wish to localize your web site or your new software in several languages, fully enjoy the international opportunities the Internet offers by reaching new targets, and provide your customers with products and services that are perfectly suitable for their needs and cultural codes.

You wish to further access world markets in your target clientele’s language, allow your customers to reach you and communicate with you via the Internet in their mother tongue. You wish that your multilingual visibility on the Internet would not be an access constraint to world markets and would increase your international competitiveness.

International trade practices are increasingly demanding strong presence and visibility on the Internet. Over time, the Internet has become an unavoidable commercial platform for purchasers and providers, and for corporations and sales representatives seeking further visibility, competitiveness and growth. Selling or simply communicating through the Internet, which is essentially multilingual and multicultural, strongly requires adapting one’s product to a target audience. This process of adaptation is called: Localization.

The advent of computer technology and the Internet revolutionized the translation profession. Software and web sites are now tools that are distributed and used in the whole world and are, consequently, widely part of today’s translation projects.

Our translators go beyond simply translating a text’s content; they perform a technical, functional and linguistic adaptation of the user interface and of the software to be localized. Backed by their extensive translation experience, our translators rely on the linguistic and cultural subtleties of their mother tongue as well as on regional and cultural codes, in order to provide clear, accurate and effective information in a foreign language. As a result, we localize your products and services, allowing you to become a major player on the global scene.

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