A business meeting is scheduled and your staff is not necessarily bilingual or multilingual. Your corporation is traveling for a congress or a trade show and you are asking yourself how to deal with your multilingual clientele. An international conference is scheduled and your bilingual staff needs, nevertheless, a professional support to interpret verbal communications between your employees and your customers in several languages. You wish to have a service that is quick, efficient, courteous and professional.

Opt for our simultaneous interpretation service (conference interpretation) if you do not wish to be frequently interrupted by your interlocutor. The interpreter listens attentively to the speaker’s message and transmits it to the audience. During conferences and congresses, he or she can be invited to interpret in the room, using modern and sound-proof interpretation equipments.

Opt for our three-party conference interpretation service if you cannot travel but wish to use the services of one of our professional interpreters by telephone. The three-party conference interpretation service allows you to talk with two people located in different places, whatever the location, city or country.

Opt for our consecutive interpretation service (liaison) if you have no problem with the speaker and interpreter speaking one after the other. The interpreter seizes the message in his or her mind and transmits it to the given audience. The interpreter has certain oratory skills allowing him or her to respect the primary intention regarding the form, substance and impact of the speaker’s message. The interpreter could be required in this case, to take notes in order to transmit the meaning of the message.

Whatever your needs are, our different services were designed to meet them in compliance with the guiding principles of confidentiality.

Our areas of expertise

  • Financial discussions
  • Immigration hearings
  • Insurance regulations
  • Interviews
  • Medical expertise
  • Etc.

Our languages

Line Translations works with several pairs of languages to better meet its clientele’s needs and requirements.

  • English-French
  • French-English
  • English-Spanish
  • French-Spanish
  • German-French
  • French-German
  • English-German
  • English-Italian
  • French-Italian
  • Others
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