Our commitment

To serve you. Serve you differently!

Beyond spoken words delivering an idea, a stream of thought, a message and a life, you will be seeking the human being unnoticed and hiding behind these words and messages. You will be seeking this unique person who knows how to listen carefully, guide you and advise you in your choices. You will also seek this sensitive person, yet rigorous, thorough and devoted to serve you at all times, sincerely and professionally. Beyond words, your requirements for quality, reliability, promptness and cost-efficiency are at the core of our concerns. Our commitment is to serve you. Serve you differently!

Serve you differently, calls for a direct interaction between the supplier and the service provider. It is about humanizing business relationships and opting for a company that is concerned with service quality and service provision.

Serve you differently is supporting you in the optimization of your sales, of your processes, of your time management in business and allowing you to access world markets even more easily.

8 good reasons to put your trust in us

  1. Respect: our customers are our greatest value and our greatest treasure. Their trust needs to be earned and our ongoing commitment is to adequately serve them, provide them with a distinctive service at all times, an added value they will remember for a long time! All our customers are treated with respect! We respect them in their choices and we advise them to better guide and reassure them throughout the entire production process.
  1. Quality charter: our translators and editors are qualified professionals with university degrees in translation, who essentially translate in their mother tongue and in their area of expertise. In doing so, we are narrowing the uncertainty and anxiety that can appear sometimes in case a translated message does not reflect the original text’s meaning.

    Our translators are selected according to strict recruiting standards and comply with our customers’ needs. They are subject to a rigourous aptitude test and are evaluated on a regular basis. They share our commitment regarding quality, integrity, professionalism and devotion to

    We ensure our customers that the information content and written or oral messages will be appropriately provided and as accurately as possible in the target language for the market. We guarantee these results by rigourously applying our procedures regarding quality assurance.
  1. Flexibility and adaptation: our streamlined and simplified structure allows us to react and adapt promptly to your needs. As soon as your service request gets to us, it is immediately processed and a project manager contacts you for further details pertaining to delivery deadlines. At all times, your timelines are respected since we usually have to work with tight deadlines.
  1. Respect of deadlines: our commitment is to respect your timelines and deadlines. We assure you that your deadlines will always be respected and that they will never be extended without your consent.
  1. Impeccable page layout: we give you back your translated documents in an accurate restatement of your original page layout, which represents an undeniable advantage if you invested a lot of time in your documents’ presentation.
  1. Network of freelance translators: our streamlined structure allows us to ensure the management of multilanguage and multilingual projects, to personalize and humanize the contact between you and the translator(s), without the unnecessary intervention of intermediaries. Therefore,
    you can directly share your preferences with the translator terminological choices specific to your sector of activity, personal preferences, etc.) that will be taken into account during the translation process.

    Over time, we have built a network of freelance translators who work for our corporation with respect to our values and those of our customers. Our network continues to grow throughout time.
  1. Confidentiality: we stand by confidentiality principles. All information that is provided to us and all oral messages that we provide electronically or orally will never be, and in any case divulged to a third party.
  1. Security: all the received translations under various formats are kept for three (3) years. We can provide your translations done over the past three years since they are saved in several copies in our servers. We guarantee you that our servers and files are virus free. We update our anti-virus software regularly, which guarantees you a sound communication and transmission.